понеделник, 21 юни 2010 г.

Presentation Calendar "Nature as a source of our vital energy" - June 2010

Working visit to Romania - finalization of project-May 2010

Participation in the global initiative planting trees on 5-May 2010

Excursion to the Madara Horseman monument and museum of the horse-April 2010

Мeet the first day of spring and Baba Marta - March 2010

Energy from the winter - most original snowman-February 2010

Working visit to the dentist and pharmacy-January-2010

Working visit to the doctor - an apple a day our doctor away - December-2009

Working visit to Bulgaria - Poland, Romania and England-October 2009

Working visit to Poland - June 2009

вторник, 25 май 2010 г.

събота, 22 май 2010 г.

Excursion to Madara and Pliska - 2009

Excursion to Madara and Pliska; walking around and games in the open air.

Day of the land - 2009

Day of the land with the participation of our partners from Romania; eco-fashion show

Day of the water - 2009

March – 19th March, Day of the water: meeting of children, parents and teachers in Romania. Participation of our Polish partners to the Bulgarian exhibition on the same theme.

вторник, 20 април 2010 г.